Course Description

  1. The race starts at the top of the street on the Village Green. (The street with all the shops).
  2. Run down the hill and take a left onto Meadow Street.
  3. At the end of Meadow Street, take a right onto Gallows Lane and go down the hill (you will run up this hill later, so get prepared!)
  4. At the bottom of the hill take a right, then your 1st left.
  5. Run past the cemetery then take a right.
  6. Take the 1st left and run past the schools.
  7. At the bottom of the hill, go right onto White’s Woods Rd.
  8. Continue along this stretch until you come to your 1st right (Bissell Rd).
  9. Continue on Bissell Road till the end and take a left into White Memorial.
  10. Follow the dirt road up the hill, down the hill straight between the rocks and OVER the bridge. Bear left AFTER the bridge (Be sure that you DO NOT take the left before the bridge).
  11. You will come back out on White’s Woods Rd. Take a left.
  12. Stay on this road back past the cemetery and back up Gallows Lane.
  13. Run up the hill to the top and take a left on to South Street.
  14. Follow South Street back to the center of town.
  15. The race ends at the bottom of the hill you started on right in front of Aspen Garden.

Elevation Map