Want to “Friend” us at LHRR?? We’d love to have you!! Ya gotta have friends!

Being a friend of LHRR entitles you to receive a race number and an official LHRR T-shirt. But the most important benefit of being a Friend of the LHRR is your chance to help others. Good karma! Your donations help the LHRR to benefit young runners and provide healthful activities in track and field for the youth in our community.

Friends’ gifts also help sponsor scholarships for students of Litchfield High School, Wamogo High School and the Forman School each year and enable us to donate to our local police, medical and civic organizations. Over the years, the Litchfield Hills Road Race has provided thousands of dollars for these worthy causes.

If you are interested in this opportunity to help sponsor the Race, please send an email to info@lhrr.com for more information and for your special race application form!