LHRR Children's Races

In 1994, the idea to add children to the Litchfield Hills Road Race was born! E. J. Murphy Realty gladly agreed to sponsor these events and has been the main sponsor ever since. In 1999, The Village Restaurant, F. North Clark Insurance Agency and Dr. William Fabbri, D.D.S.P.C. were added as additional sponsors.

The goal of these events is to promote running as a form of physical fitness and enjoyment for children. Involving children on race day has proven to be another great highlight of The Litchfield Hills Road Race!

The first events for children included a 200-yard dash on West Street for children ages 5-7 and a 1 mile run for children ages 8-10 through the immediate streets surrounding the center of Litchfield. Shortly, thereafter, a decision was made to allow 8-year-old runners to choose either the 200 yard dash or the 1 mile run. All participants are winners and all receive a medal for their accomplishment!

In 2000, we expanded our events to include a competitive 2.3 mile race for runners ages 11-13 through the Borough of Litchfield, including the treacherous Gallows Lane hill! This event recognizes the top two male and female winners in each age group with a trophy. Course records are kept and are included in the annual Road Race Book.

We welcome our young runners and are inspired by their efforts; 5 to 90, everyone has a place in the Litchfield Hills Road Race!


Children interested in registering for the 200 yard Dash or the 1 Mile Run must register on race day. There is NO PRE-REGISTRATION.

The Children’s Registration Tent is located on the 202 side of The Green. Please do NOT go to the Main Race Registration Tent! Registration opens at 9:00. Due to the very tight schedule to get these races started on time, please note the following information as to when registration closes on race day:

  • 1 Mile Run and 200 Yard Dash registration closes at 12:30 SHARP! Please plan to get to the registration table in plenty of time to register your child to avoid disappointment.
  • 2.3 registration race day closes at 11:30 SHARP! 2.3 race applications can be completed online or downloaded and mailed to LHRR, PO Box 1424, Litchfield, CT 06759 prior to May 31, 2017.

For further information, please visit info@lhrr.com or call 860-459-9908


2.3 Mile Race

1 Mile RUN & Dashes

Race Start Time Age Group
2.3 Competitive Children's Race 12:00 PM Runners 9 – 13 years old
1 Mile Non-Competitive Children's Run 1:05 PM Runners 8 – 10 years old
200 Yard Dash 1:08 Runners 8 years old
200 Yard Dash 1:10 Runners 7 years old
200 Yard Dash 1:12 Runners 6 years old
200 Yard Dash 1:14 Runners 5 years old
200 Yard Dash 1:16 Runners 4 years old